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womanness as    choosing night




Cyclical & diaristic, winter 03 is the third in a year-long series of seasonal artist books. Featuring original writing and photographs created between December 2021 and February 2022.

︎︎︎ created & printed in Los Angeles
︎︎︎ 5.5 x 8.5 in.
︎︎︎ 22 pages
︎︎︎ soft cover
︎︎︎ staple bound
︎︎︎ limited edition of 25


so many ways to express taboo: sex identity self expression the theory of orientation. If it’s album-as-form then Los Angeles is moody sexy fucked up fragments unwriting the internet, these diary books as time-based performance. Where are our new creative economies, those spaces of being inconveniently arousing, listening through beauty and intuition that drives eroticism, deep thinking, the nighttime’s visual-erotic stimulation, the nighttime’s cameras that need to express the wild phases of life, my body, essayistic (I wish), the sound of the self out of context. Women provoking taboos: body memory the transformation and alchemy of self-seeing.

03   03


1In memoriam Paula Modersohn-Becker
2Clément, pg. 24: “Night owls seek out the twinkling half-light. Those who reject daylight know the art of finding night lights. Whether they be lovers or revelers, what they do not want is natural light. Too crude, it allows them to be recognized; too bright, it obliges them to be themselves. At night, one is no longer completely oneself; one has already started to leave oneself behind. One can confuse oneself with the other: this is where humanity’s real night begins, beloved by poets, mystics, and lovers.”